Real Photos, Fake Stories and the Intersection of Fact and Fiction. An exhibition of 19th and early 20th century photography from Wisconsin.​
Co-curated by BJ Hollars, Jyl Kelley and Greg Kocken

Land: Mine

The Land: Mine exhibition and catalog provide a diverse platform for visual, musical or performance art bearing witness to the transformations of the area’s natural surroundings and landscapes through time. Artists were encouraged to think outside of traditional representations of natural landscapes to reveal our relationships with the changing landscape. Hosted by the Heyde Center for the Arts in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Co-curated by Lori Chilefone and Jyl Kelley 2016 Artists: Lauren Bina, Brandon Keuhn, Ted Auch, Bill Nolte, Gregory Graham, Hope Greene, Jane Justesen/Jyl Kelley, Michael Borowski, Cameron Jarvis, Ned Gannon, Wanrudee Buranakorn, Cedar Marie, Kate Casanova, Karlaya Lee, Steve Katrosits, Daniel Lee Ruff Smith, Sandra Starck, Dan Ezra Lang, Rachel Momenee, Larry Stark, Joe Maurer, Christine Yellowthunder, Anders Shafer, Barbara Shafer, Marcella Edmud, Mike Koppa, Allan Servoss, Richard Rahders, Glory Adams, Roger Adams, Julie Shafer, Andy Shansberg, Stephanie Turner, Squirrel Talk. Exhibition catalog: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3b-BpAfn2RyWVIzZWU2VkJicVE/view?ts=57c0bd14

Animal Skins: Visual Surfaces

October 2013
With guest speakers, Diane Fox and Robert Marbury Featured artists: Karen Knorr, Lori Nix, Diane Fox, Jason DeMartes, Maria Whiteman, Sam Walrod, Carlo Vanderor Robert Marbury Stephen Paternite Sarina Brewer Katie Innamorato Danielle Van Ark Robyn Voshardt & Sven Humphrey Sara Cusimano Miles

Co-curated by Stephanie Turner and Jyl Kelley.


Link: http://www.domesticityuwec.net/
Artists Paul Stout, Michael Handley, and Jared Steffensen created installations in three Eau Claire, Wisconsin homes with the assistance of UWEC Art students. The home contents displaced by the artwork were displayed in the Foster Gallery. Logo design by Kevin Krueger

Residual Reality

This exhibition highlights a lineage of artists, mentors and students who are not photographers in the traditional sense, but rather artists who used photographs to make art, inventing visual images that are not documents of the world.

Exhibition logo design-Kaleb Durocher

Language in Form

An exhibition of photographs and books. Language In-Form highlights the flow of visual language in space. Photographs and books by Thai/American artist Wanrudee Buranakorn. Curated by Jyl Kelley. Bangkok, Thailand. Design by Kaleb Durocher

Exchange of Silence

Inspired by contemporary sound artist John Cage; “The sound experience which I prefer to all others, is the experience of silence. And this silence, almost anywhere in the world today, is traffic”. Cage created sound art that presented the contemporary world in a new perspective. Participating artists were challenged to create new perspectives and interpretations of sensory experiences. Exhibition logo design-Lee Wegener

Cultural Perceptions

An international collaboration where artists from Latvia and America exchanged music and photography. In culmination of the project, music and photographs were displayed at the Latvian Culture College, the Museum of Foreign Art in Riga, Latvia, the Unviersity of Wisconsin Haas Fine Art Center, and the Embassy of Latvia in Washington D.C.. Live feed video connected artists from both parts of the world as they simultaneously present one another’s music and photographs.
Logo design – Ieva Miltina