Artists Paul Stout, Michael Handley, and Jared Steffensen created installations in three Eau Claire homes with the assistance of UWEC Art students. The home contents displaced by the artwork were displayed in the Foster Gallery.

Domesticity encouraged the community to think about where artworks are displayed and how they function. This contemporary archaeological display of residential homes in a formal setting and with homes as the prominent gallery spaces for new artworks created the starting point for community discussion and involvement about where art belongs and the limitations of public and private spaces.

Domesticity was a distinct educational experience for the Eau Claire Wisconsin community, while providing artists a rare opportunity to create artwork in homes. The exhibition connected Eau Claire citizens and the domestic “Gallery Spaces” with the university.

UWEC Art & Design Professors Jyl Kelley and Ned Gannon co-curated the exhibition with Paul Stout from the University of Utah. Exhbition graphics – Kevin Kreuger. Photographs by Andrew Hagen. Student assistant, Shari Berg.

University students intimately participated in design and curatorial decisions throughout the production of this exhibition. From the planning stages and logistics of working with artists to co-curating the show, students had their hands in every aspect of Domesticity. Key student organizers and designers for Domesticity were Shari Berg, Kevin Krueger, Drew Hagen, Katherine Grundl, and Glenn Terpstra.