Kelley practices imitative magic, illusion, and science. She is a photographer and intermedia artist whose work incorporates video, digital technology, performance and installation art.

L'ouvo Series

Still life series with egg

Inside Out

The inspiration to create time lapse videos comes from Kelley’s fascination with finding new ways to observe and understand time and place. This curiosity led her to chart the motion of night skies. More recently, she has been working with time-lapse footage to collaborate w/ other artists in creating new narratives from her observations. She worked with Daniel Lee Ruff Smith to integrate sound (Inside Out) and Joyce Neimanas to combine theatrical narratives …ie (the fabric).
©Jyl Kelley 2017


Digital pinhole photographs have been displayed as companions to Kelley’s “Inside Out” videos. Macrocosms vs. microcosms. Each image was created using a digital pinhole camera and then “mirrored” using digital editing tools.
The camera is placed low-to-the-ground to observe and capture natural scenes at a very close range. From an ant’s point of view, the pinhole camera is pointed upward in most cases, with the sky in the background to isolate tiny subjects.
Interacting with nature through photography is very exciting to Kelley, particularly when it allows her to connect with environment and learn from the creative experience.

Time Mapse

Photographic Time-lapse imagery

DNA Rising AND Falling

Installation made with light and human hair

Eau Claire Hybrid Bus Design Project

UWEC Art students Alison Wheeler, Jenny Johns and Luke Benson are collaborating with professors Jyl Kelley, Ned Gannon and Sooyun Im in the exterior designs of 3 new electric deisel hybrid buses that are scheduled to begin their city routes in March 2013. The project is also a collaboration with UWEC Professor Jim Boulter and the Watershed Institute for Collaborative Environmental Studies.


Interactive sound devices made with human hair.


Magicroulette : 3 min. video
Foster Gallery 2010
Faculty Art Exhibition

Home Theatre: Big Game Hunter

This work investigates imitative magic, illusion and science in mainstream culture. “Home Theater: Big Game Hunter” features an installation of photographs and video projections involving interactive video gaming.

Pinhole Theatre

With Kelley’s Pinhole Theatre, her arena creates photographic performances that harken back to a time when photography was considered magic.

Cyborg Circus

Celebrating a character from the past; the magician, dressed in a suit and top hat, uses a camera to make “magic”. The photographer from the 19th century makes magic today.

Civil Rights Pilgrimage

The Civil Rights Pilgrimage: A documentary video: following the path of Civil Rights in America. Featuring University of Wisconsin~Eau Claire students, staff and faculty meeting key individuals who participated in the civil rights movement in America.

Laptop Diary

Excerpts from Laptop Diary
Pinhole camera and polaroid film

Pinhole Diary

Excepts from daily pinhole journal on photographic paper

Solar Artifacts

Light sensitive cyanotype emulsion on canvas with hand applied color