Pinhole Theatre

Jyl Kelley practices imitative magic, illusion, and science. Producing installations, performances, photographs and video frees Kelley to see beyond modern magic. For Kelley, the magic is not in isolating a brief moment in time but the ability to stitch time back together.

With Kelley’s Pinhole Theatre, her arena creates photographic performances that harken back to a time when photography was considered magic. Kelley’s stage takes the shape of a circle which consists of up to 33 pinhole cameras arranged on tripods. In the final auto-photographic images the cameras are part of the landscape. Animated video loops are constructed by scanning the pinhole camera’s negatives. The extended pinhole exposures of the 4×5 negatives expose the physical process while revealing a new story that makes empirical connections to time, history, and nature. Kelley broadens her vision and expands what we are able to see with her circle of cameras opening the door to a new magic.