Home Theatre: Big Game Hunter

Jyl Kelley’s “Home Theater: Big Game Hunter” investigates imitative magic, illusion and science in mainstream culture.
Kelley’s circle of influence evolved from a 36-pinhole camera arena into a 10 camera HD surround video experience. Her precursory subject is “Home Theater,” and the technology and science that makes it come to life.
“My interest is in why society enables illusion,” says Jyl Kelley. “As technology advances our ability to create virtual experiences, I wonder what we gain and what we loose?” By encompassing her subjects with HD video cameras and dressing as the Magician in her performance, Kelley views the magic and deconstructs the illusion. By comparing “virtual reality” to reality the Magician and Jyl Kelley attempt to capture the fantasy and bring us back to life.
This project features installations of photographs and video projections involving interactive video gaming.