Exhibit Moves Far Beyond the Camera

19 May 2013

Exhibit Moves Far Beyond the Camera

Exhibition Review

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Renowned photographer Patrick Nagatani has curated an exciting photography exhibition with five other artists at SCA Contemporary Art. The show examines the range and latitude of contemporary photography that moves far beyond the still camera.

Since photography’s humble beginnings in mid-19th-century Europe it has always had a problematic relationship with the fine art of painting. Who could have guessed that crude cameras producing fragile images on glass in 1842 would find themselves recording food shots on Twitter or the birth of a baby in real time?

In the beginning of his career Nagatani once held a film camera and took shots of his Los Angeles neighborhood, but like Dorothy he’s not in Kansas anymore. The breathtaking array of his accomplishments since his point-and-shoot days could and have filled several books.

With artists; Gillian Brown, Carol Chase Bjerke, Jyl Kelley, Leigh Anne Langwell, Scott Rankin and Patrick Nagatani
WHEN: Through June 7. Hours are noon-5 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays and by appointment. Call gallery director Sheri Crider at 228-3749
WHERE: SCA Contemporary Art, 524 Haines NW, just south of I-40

In this show Nagatani unveils selections from his 30-year-long tapist series wherein he painstakingly layers translucent masking tape over ink jet prints.